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Essential oils for the 7 Chakras

Essential oils for the 7 Chakras

Essential oils to harmonize the 7 Chakras


You might ask yourself what are chakras? 
Chakras are the energy points within the body through which subtle energy flows. The chakras are responsible for promoting awareness between one's inner and outer worlds and bring about balance of the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical body. The word Chakra derives from Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language which translates to wheel.
You might visualize a Chakra as a rotating wheel of energy within our bodies that connects the physical body with our consciousness.  
These invisible wheels of energy are the Prana or life force that when open, aligned and balanced, keep us healthy, happy and vibrant.

There are 7 main chakras in the body that align from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

1. The Root Chakra

The root chakra is associated with the color red and it is located at the base of the spine by the tailbone. The root Chakra is connected with the intestines, the skeleton, the sciatic nerve, digestion and the adrenal grands. It is the chakra of stability, trust and security and will to live. When energy flows freely in this chakra, you feel confident, fearless and secure of your place in the world. To harmonize and stimulate the root chakra use Patchouli or Rosemary and rub a drop or 2 in circular motion directly in the location of the chakra (see red dot in picture above) or add a few drops to a bath. 

2. The Sacral Chakra 

This second chakra is the core of sensuality and sexuality.
Its color is orange and its location lies a finger below the navel and it governs the sexual organs, the reproductive system, the kidneys and the bladder. People who have a well balanced sacral chakra have a strong self-esteem, are comfortable with their body and embrace their sexuality. In general they feel a joy of life or as the french would say Joie de vivre.
To awaken or stimulate this chakra, use Orange, Clary sage or Petitgrain. 

3. The Navel Chakra or Solar Plexus

This chakra is located a finger above the navel and it governs the stomach, the liver, spleen, gallbladder and the pancreas.
People with a developed navel chakra are sure of themselves and their abilities, are high energy, are high achievers and will usually follow their gut feelings and hit a bull's eye. 
To harmonize or activate this chakra, use Peppermint, Lemon, Clary sage or Anise. Its color is that of the sun - bright yellow.

4.The Heart Chakra 

The heart chakra serves as the foundation for love, compassion and selflessness and its color is green representing harmony and balance. It is located at the heart level in the center of the chest and it governs the heart, lungs, immune system, and the thymus gland. This is rather an important chakra because it connects the physical body with the spiritual body allowing for a higher level of consciousness.
People with a developed heart chakra exude true loving compassion, have a deep emotional understanding of others feelings and their love extends to all with an ability to accept and tolerate people without judgement. On the other hand, those with blockages in this chakra can become heartless, bitter and consumed by loneliness.
To activate or harmonize this chakra, use Rose otto, Helichrysum, Frankincense or Melissa.

5. The Throat Chakra

This is the chakra of communication and truth and its color is sky blue. It is located in the center area of the throat. It governs the neck, jaw, larynx, esophagus, windpipe and the thyroid gland. People with a developed throat chakra have great verbal ability and are able to communicate their highest truth. Actors and musicians are said to have a well developed throat chakra. To stimulate this chakra, use German chamomile, Clary sage, Helichrysum, Tea tree or Blue tansy.

6. The Third Eye Chakra

Also known as the forehead chakra hence its location, in the middle of the forehead between the eyebrows, is the source of our intuition and awareness. It governs hormonal and nervous systems, the pituitary gland, the face, sinuses, sight, hearing, and smell. Its color is indigo or dark blue. 
When the energy in this chakra flows freely, one has mental clarity, and is able to listen clearly to their inner voice and inner wisdom or their sixth sense.
To awaken the third eye chakra, use Clary sage, Lavender, Helichrysum, Petitgrain or Frankincense.

7. The Crown Chakra

Located at the crown of the head, the crown chakra is the 
highest chakra, one of enlightenment, spirituality and connection to the Divine. Its color is violet or white. Its has a strong connection to the functioning of the pineal gland. People with a developed crown chakra have been led to a profound transformation, and have a deep serenity and inner peace and a connection to the Divine. The best way to enhance this chakra is by focusing on balancing all the other chakras first, as this will help promote the awakening of the crown chakra.
Frankincense or Myrrh would be the oils of choice here when the time is right. Let your intuition be your guide.

To apply the oils mentioned above, follow the picture at top and the color attributed to each chakra. Take a drop or 2 of essential oil and apply to the corresponding area and massage in circular motion until the oil has been absorbed in your skin. Remember to dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil like Jojoba if you feel neat is too strong. You can also apply this by adding a few drops to a bath or in a diffuser.