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About Us



A personal passion to promote the joy and healing powers of essential oils.

When I first experienced the healing power of essential oils, I’d been struggling with asthma and allergies and recurring sinus infections my entire life. After taking round after round of antibiotics, allergy medications and asthma medications full of steroids for many many years, my immune system suffered and became weakened. That is when I realized that the benefits of these medications just weren’t worth their side effects as they did absolutely nothing but treat symptoms. This is when I began looking for a natural alternative.


Essential oils turned my health and my life around.


As I discovered and started using essential oils, I was amazed by their effectiveness and results. The therapeutic potential of essential oils seemed limitless. It awakened a passion to want to learn more and share them with others with similar struggles as mine. I began to learn all I could about essential oils, studied their chemistry and became a certified aromatherapist. Over time, my essential oil knowledge combined with my personal experience and a new idea began to crystallize.


I felt I had to share the power of essential oils by making them accessible to everyone


I decided to compile my essential oil experience and share it – to diffuse the benefits of essential oils and let aromatherapy touch as many lives as possible. And that is when the discovery of period began for Joya Essentials. Sourcing the purest and highest quality essential oils that can be used for holistic purposes was our top priority. We found some pretty amazing farmers to provide our outstanding quality essential oils and because we wanted to make them accessible to everyone, our solution was simple. Offer a premium quality product at sensible prices everyone can afford and without mlm hassles.


At Joya Essentials, we strive to inspire and empower self-care 


We love to inspire, encourage and empower women and moms all around the globe to discover the many ways that essential oils can help them to take better care of themselves and their family's health + wellness. Joya Essentials provides a viable and natural alternative that works naturally with our bodies, is non-toxic, and chemical free. This is the essence of our essential oils: their high quality is guaranteed by their purity and authenticity.


The natural integrity of our oils separates them from the rest.


At Joya Essentials, we fully recognize the importance of using only 100% pure and authentic essential oils. That’s why we painstakingly source the finest pure plant extracts from across the world and put them through rigorous selection and testing process that includes GC/MS testing. 

Join us in unlocking the full potential of using pure essential oils for health and wellness.