Quality Guaratee



Everything we produce comes with the P.U.R.E. Guarantee.


Premium Quality

At Joya Essentials, we recognize that the highest quality produces the greatest benefits. To make the most of the rejuvenating and invigorating qualities that aromatherapy can bring to your life, you shouldn’t settle for less. We only source pure plant extracts, and we sample these again and again before selecting an extract to use. This ensures that 100% purity, potency and effectiveness are hallmarks of all our essential oils.



Many essential oils on the market are synthetically produced, adulterated and diluted. This means that their molecular structure is of a much lower quality, removing many of their natural benefits. The Joya Essentials range only features 100% authentic and pure products. Our strict quality standards include sampling, testing and analysis. And because all of our essential oils are subjected to strict GC/MS testing, we guarantee that our products are completely unadulterated.


Reliable Customer Service


The only thing as strong as our commitment to our essential oils is our commitment to you. At Joya Essentials, we’re certain that our high quality products will exceed your expectations. That is why we proudly provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee and 30-day hassle free return policy.

Ethical Sourcing


When you invest in any product from the Joya Essentials range, you’re also investing in sustainability. All our essential oils are indigenous sourced, and extracted using ethical and organic farming practices by our trusted global network of small-scale artisan distilleries and cooperatives. Many of these distillation experts have been growing and harvesting these plants for generations. But many of them also live and work in impoverished nations. Your support helps the communities and families of the dedicated people who grow, harvest and distill the oils, making a positive impact in sustainability and their global communities.


Pure, reliable and ethical – that’s the Joya Essentials promise.