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Spearmint Essential Oil

$ 11.00

Spearmint Essential Oil

$ 11.00


Spearmint essential oil has a cool, clean, bright and fresh minty aroma that is refreshing and invigorating for mind, body and spirit.

This lovely minty oil is much milder and gentle than Peppermint, for this reason it is more suitable for use for those who are more sensitive to peppermint.

Spearmint has an uplifting effect on the nervous system and helps reduce mental strain, fatigue and stress. It supports the digestive system, eases respiratory discomforts, freshens the breath and eases head and neck tension.

Traditionally, spearmint has been in gum, toothpaste, candy and mouthwashes as a flavoring agent and in Ayurveda to soothe skin conditions. Spearmint oil is a great choice to add to your pain, respiratory or digestive blends as it provides support for these systems.

Enjoy the refreshing aroma of Spearmint oil in your diffuser to brighten up your space.

Product Details

Botanical name: Mentha spicata
Origin: India
Extraction method: steam distilled
Plant part: leaves
Cultivation: organic
Note: middle
Aroma: light, fresh, clean, sweet, minty
Color: pale yellow  

Properties and Benefits

Supports proper digestion

Relieves sinus congestion

Helps relieve gas, indigestion, bloating, nausea and hiccups

Helps soothe sore gums

Relieves headaches

Enhances deeper breathing

Helps reduce mild fever

Soothes exhaustion

Helps with insect bites/itchy skin

Removes bad odors

Cools hot or irritated skin

Boosts energy and focus

Soothes sore muscles, tendons or joints

Helps release mucus

Reduces redness and swelling

Eases neck tension


Emotional Energetics

Releases emotional blocks
Promotes self-trust
Promotes optimism
Raises positivity and hope
Helps promote fresh new ideas
Opens up the emotions


Blends well with

Bergamot mint, blue tansy, German chamomile, Lavender, , and all citrus oils.


Non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing. 
Do no use undiluted on skin. Dilute with a carrier oil before skin use.
You may experience a mild cooling sensation when used on skin.



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