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I AM HARMONY Heart Chakra Blend

$ 22.00

I AM HARMONY Heart Chakra Blend

$ 22.00


I AM HARMONY - A Peaceful Blend of 100% pure essential oils

It is a blend of delightful florals, sweet citrus, and green woodsy notes that come together in a beautiful way to promote inner peace and balance to the heart chakra or heart center. 

Artfully crafted and blended to empower the connection of mind, body and the beautiful spirit within you.
I Am Harmony is a blend of Vetiver, Siberian Fir, Chamomile, Cypress, Ylang Ylang, and Geranium.

This blend is intended to help you with emotional and spiritual healing of the heart center using the gentle and subtle energetic vibes of essential oils. It may be used in combination with suggested daily affirmations. Ideal for use in your daily mindfulness practice, meditation or affirmations.

The Heart Center or Heart Chakra is the part within us that is able to embody love for self and others, trust, compassion, forgiveness and connection with others. 

Much like our hormones, the heart center can be under-active or over-active depending on your particular experiences, repressed or suppressed emotions or feelings that need healing.

Many chakra imbalances also manifest as physical illnesses and others manifest as emotions such as anger. Read below to see if this blend can help you heal your heart center.  

This blend is for you if the following is true for you:

Find it hard to forgive others
Have feelings of resentment for people in your past
Hold a grudge and find it difficult to let go
Feelings of jealousy, envy or bitterness
Feelings of suffocation in a relationship 
Find it hard to give and receive love freely 
Giving too much of yourself, over-loving
Feeling overwhelmed with your emotions
Have a hard time saying no or setting boundaries
Overly critical of yourself or you often self-sabotage 
Have a fear of rejection or fear of being alone
Feel disconnected from your emotions 
Put up walls when connecting with others
Have a hard time expressing feelings and emotions
Being Codependent or possessiveness
Have closed your heart to love or your heart feels empty


Ways to use I AM Harmony Blend

Diffuse: add 4-5 drops in diffuser to invoke inner peace, and enhance meditation, affirmations, visualization, yoga or the type of mindfulness practice you prefer.

Bath: add 1-2 drops to a hot bath or in epson salts for a relaxing bath. 

Roller ball blend: add 3-6 drops in a roller bottle and fill the rest with carrier oil. Apply to your heart chakra, temples or wrists. The Heart Chakra is located at the flat center part of your chest.

Massage: add 6-10 drops to 1oz of carrier oil (like Jojoba) and use as a body oil to moisturize or massage. You can also apply to your heart chakra and massage gently using with your mindfulness practice or intention. 

Room or pillow spray: add 5-6 drops in a spray bottle, add 8oz of distilled water. 
Shake well and spray in your space.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kelli Phillips
My favorite!

“I am Harmony” is my favorite of all the blends you offer! It’s nice to add a few drops to my diffuser as I rest and read in the evenings. I love the gentle state in which I feel as I get ready for bed!

Kim Hobbs

I love it. Harmony Blend is just what I need in this chaotic world we are in. I diffuse it in my office, it is an essential for me. Subtle tones.