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Experience the aromatic and therapeutic benefits of diffusing essential oils with this super sleek, and modern diffuser.

Transform any room in your home into a spa heaven and let the aroma of essential oils elevate your soul. 

  • Ultrasonic technology - the essential oil turns into small particles for best diffusion into the air.
  • Larger reservoir - 150ml water capacity
  • Automatic shut-off safety feature when water level is too low.
  • Adjustable 14 color changing LED lights - Adjust to soft ambient or bright lights
  • Ionizer helps improve air quality with negative ions
  • Improves and purifies air quality 
  • Ultra fine mist with high output  
  • Up to 8 hrs continuous mist 
  • Does not use heat. This helps to maintain integrity and benefits of essential oils. 
  • Cool mist increases air moisture
  • Can be used year round
  • Portable and electric
  • For use with 100% pure essential oils only. 
  • High quality and modern design

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Love it!

I love diffusers, and own several different kinds, allowing me to have them in different rooms. This particular diffuser has several great features, including a large reservoir - 150ml water capacity, good output of mist, with almost 8 hrs of continuous mist. The length of time that it runs is so nice compared to others that only have an hour, or two hour option. It's light-weight, and although when I opened the package I questioned how sturdy it would be, it has been working great. It is also quiet, making it possible to run at night in the bedroom. The lights are soft, and unlike other diffusers with lights, they don't mess up your sleeping habits. It also has an automatic safety shut-off, so no worries about having to turn it off.

My only complaint is the instructions. If this is your first diffuser the instructions may confuse you a bit on where to put the oil, as the diagram on the instructions doesn't match up to the actual product.

This diffuser rates high on my list of diffusers for the reasons listed above. If you are looking to try one out for the first time, or looking for a new one, I would recommend it and believe you will be happy with your purchase. This particular diffuser also makes an awesome gift.

I did contact their support team for an issue with the oil that comes with the product, as we didn't receive ours, and they were fast in their response and helpful. Our oil is on its way, and we will do a follow up review regarding the oil once received.

I diffuse a lot of different oils; my favorites being lavender, orange, and lemon. If you need ideas on what essential oils to use in your diffuser head over to the Joya Blog. Enjoy!

Great Product, we love it.

This is how it works: remove the outer cover, add water at the base, then add add a few drops of essential oil to the small chamber, put the cover back on, plug to the power outlet, face the 2 buttons at the base press the to start the diffuser and press the other one to activate the light (you can press again, and again to cycle through the different colors).

A great feature that it includes is an automatic safety shut-off making it safe to keep on and not have to worry about an accident.

As a bonus It includes a Free 5ml Essential oil With Purchase which makes it very easy to start using it as soon as you receive the product.

Well made and very relaxing

There are quite a few features to enjoy about the Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser. It has an automatic safety shut-off, so I’m able to enjoy this throughout the day without worrying about remembering to turn it off. But, the really lovely features are the calm and relaxation that this diffuser brings. It is a wonderful addition to meditation or simply to add a bit of calm to your workplace or home. -I received free for review and inspection purposes. Compensation for a positive review was NOT provided. This review is based upon my personal experience with the product and I never guarantee a positive review.

Love the design

I am so happy to be sent this essential oil diffuser as it looks so great in design and I have it by my desk. The output is fantastic. I have owned diffusers that have such a low output it is hard to enjoy the scent. This one works great. I love how long it will stay on and diffuse-up to 8 hours! There are so many color-changing options and stays cool to the touch. It also comes with a free peppermint oil that smells so great!

Ambiance and Mood

I love this diffuser. Easy to use and so compact, yet also very powerful.

My favorite oil combination is orange and peppermint: it awakens the mind and the senses while encouraging energy.

This diffuser set the mood and keeps my office relaxing and yet also adds an energy to the lobby that is much appreciated by both visitors and employees.