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Clary Sage Essential Oil

$ 14.00

Clary Sage Essential Oil

$ 14.00


Clary sage essential oil has a lovely sweet and floral aroma that is soothing and calming. 

Clary Sage oil is known as the woman's oil as it has been traditionally used to help with the menses and issues such as hot flashes, bloating and pain. Some doulas use this oil to help ease dull labor pains.

Clary Sage is also beneficial for reducing stress, anxiety, nervous tension and fatigue. Because of its balancing nature, it is also used for problem skin and used in skincare blends, helping to balance out oily skin. This oil is most useful for supporting women's hormonal changes throughout life such as pms, mood swings and menopause.

The soothing properties of Clary Sage make it an excellent addition to any respiratory blends. Clary Sage, relaxes chest tightness and it aids in relieving symptoms of anxiety that may accompany respiratory conditions. Add it to your diffuser, a soothing hot  bath, body lotion, or in a foot soak.

Product Details

Botanical name: Salvia sclarea
Origin: France
Extraction method: steam distilled
Plant part: flowers
Cultivation: organic
Note: top to middle
Aroma: fresh, sweet, floral
Color: clear 

Properties and Benefits

Helps relieve pain
Reduces inflammation
Promotes hormonal balance
Reduces stress and anxiety
Helps skin, scars and wound healing
Stimulates immune system
Eases feelings of depression 
Balances and regulates oily skin and hair 
Regulating for the menses
Relieves cramps and spasms
Eases hot flashes 
Reduces bloating and cramping
Soothes mental tension and exhaustion
Calms emotions and eases mood swings
Relieves insomnia and supports restful sleep

    Emotional Energetics

    Clary Sage provides feelings of tranquility and restfulness. It uplifts yet calms the spirit and dispel feelings of melancholy. It is useful for creative work as it can open creativity and intuition. Encourages vivid dreams and dream recall.

    Blends well with

    Geranium, Lavender, Cedarwood, Frankincense, and all citrus oils.


    No safety issues known.  


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Margaret M.

    Very potent oils. Does the trick in lulling you to sleep.

    Yennifer martinez

    5 stars

    Janene J.

    Lovely stuff! So pure and fresh! It quickly disappeared during my essential oils craft class - so, I will need to order some more. The geranium sample was exquisite as well. Thank you for sending!

    Carla C.

    5 stars

    Colleen Giamanco
    Clary Sage

    Love this Clary Sage! I put a drop in my face cream every day, and in just a week, have noticed a big difference with the fine lines around my eyes. It's my newest oil to join my Joya Essentials family and it's definitely a keeper!