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Stress - A Trigger for Respiratory Conditions

Stress - A Trigger for Respiratory Conditions


With an estimated 26 million Americans affected by Asthma including 7 million children, and a large percentage of cases caused by stress, anxiety and environmental factors. Stress, air pollution, strong odors and chemical fumes from toxic cleaners are all contributors to asthma and allergy. It is imperative that we take an active role at reducing stress and any environmental irritants that might trigger or worsen asthma symptoms.

Essential oils offer an alternative approach for natural self care. Essential oils offer many therapeutic properties and medicinal qualities that affect the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies within us. Their therapeutic properties help ease stress, anxiety, fight infections, reduce pain and inflammation, strengthen the immune system and help relieve respiratory and digestive issues.

As a child, I suffered from chronic asthma and I personally know the pain involved and what it feels like to suffer such a debilitating condition. Although most people outgrow their asthma, many remain with it or begin suffering from allergies or sensitivities. Many times these symptoms are worsened during times stress or anxiety. Essential oils offer a natural alternative to ease some of the stressers and help you cope better so that you can take control of your health and find balance within your body.

Using essential oils in a consistent basis is the key that makes all the difference, as it did for me. And I believe it can do the same for you. Essential oils are all about balancing, restoring, regenerating from the inside out. 

This particular diffuser blend helps to soothe feelings of stress or anxiety that may accompany respiratory conditions. 

Read up on the individual benefits of these essential oils.

Try these essential oils in your diffuser to find soothing relief.  

Use filtered water in your diffuser for best results.

6 drops Clary Sage

5 drops Siberian Fir

4 drops Lavender

If you do not have a diffuser, try this ready made personal diffuser inhaler that is perfect for on the go aromatherapy. 



Disclosure: This blend is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent or replace any medications.