• Mom's Brightening Salt Scrub
  • Jessica Hughes

Mom's Brightening Salt Scrub

Make the Mom's in your life feel extra special and loved with a DIY gift. Because of all the love and care that goes into making a DIY gift, moms feel truly special and often treasure those gifts.

Try this simple all-natural and budget-friendly salt scrub with simple ingredients and essential oils you can find in your home.

1 Cup of fine Himalayan salt (Detoxifying)
1/2 of carrier oil (jojoba oil or coconut oil) (Moisturizing)
10 drops Lavender (Soothing & calming)
8 drops Clary Sage (Hormone balancing)
6 drops Orange (Uplifting and brightening)

In a glass bowl, add carrier oil and essential oils and stir together.
Add the salt to the oil mixture and stir until you have a paste-like consistency. Add more salt or carrier oil as needed to get to that consistency.
Bottle it in a lovely mason jar and let mom have that spa-like experience at home!
Add to your bath or simply use on skin as a scrub to brighten and rejuvenate skin. Salt scrubs are exfoliating, helping remove dull dead skin cells and promote skin renewal promoting healthy glowing skin.

  • Jessica Hughes
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