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  • Jessica Hughes

Essential Oils For Traveling

Must Haves for your travels on road, sea or air.

Going on a trip to a new country or an island or a cruise is an exciting feeling and anticipation of all the new and fun experiences that you will have on your vacation and one that you and your family may have planned and looked forward to for quite some time.  But in order to ensure smooth sailing and to get the most out of your trip, you need to be prepared for all those times when things can ruin our stress-free moments of peace and rest & relaxation. We all have that one family member that has anxiety of flying, or has motion sickness, has trouble falling asleep in hotel rooms, and gets indigestion from eating a different diet.  So here's how you can include a little 'Trip Insurance' to your vacation and bring these must have essential oils for your travel journey. 

Essential oils offer a simple easy to use solution - ranging from inhaling a little oil from a tissue, to adding to a bath, diffusing it, adding to cream or carrier oil to massage on tummy or other areas of discomfort, to adding a drop with a warm cup of tea or water. And, thankfully, relief often comes fast due of the oils' powerful healing properties and compatibility with our own bodies.

Peppermint and Ginger Essential Oils - Tummy Troubles and Clearing the Head

Peppermint has long been used to calm uneasy stomachs, and is easily used. One drop in a cup of  water can be sipped before and during the voyage. For the fussy ones, a drop can be added to a small amount of honey and taken from a spoon for the same effect. Peppermint can also be used to ease allergies and respiratory issues.

Ginger essential oil is also known for it's calming of upset stomachs.  It may be effective for some food-related stomach issues as well, particularly when combined with peppermint and massaged in the abdomen area.

Lavender Oil - the Great Soother

Lavender has been called 'a medicine chest in a bottle' due to its wide range of effects. The aroma of Lavender is calming and relaxing, perfect for stress in congested airports or crowded highways, fear of flying situations and any anxiety related to traveling. It is a very effective and safe essential oil  for adults and children alike. Apply a drop or 2 on your wrist for times of anxiety and stress or when having trouble falling asleep.

Lavender essential oil is also an effective wound-healer because of it's anti-inflammatory, mild antibacterial, and skin-regenerative actions. Lavender is very useful for treating burns, bites and stings - just place a drop or two 'neat' (undiluted) on the affected area.

Lemon Oil - the Purifier

Lemon also has some wonderfully diverse uses. Diffusing lemon oil cleanses and purifies the air, make a spray mister to wipe down surfaces that may be dirty or linens to protect against bacteria. It is effective as an antibacterial, and it is non-irritating making a perfect oil for disinfecting. Adding a drop to a pint of water can gently stimulate the lymphatic and digestive systems, helping alleviate that sluggish feeling that often accompanies extended plane and car travel. 


Eucalyptus Oil - For Keeping Cool and Cold Relief

Eucalyptus has a great range of uses as well. It can cool the body when too hot, and protect it when too cold. It is found in almost all formulas used to relieve congestion, can support circulation, and bring lightness to a travel-weary head. Eucalyptus oil can be used like peppermint to uplift and invigorate during long intervals in an automobile. It can be added to a cool bath or used on a cold compress in cases of heat exhaustion (accompanied by, of course, copious amounts of water and electrolytes!), and used in a similar manner to help reduce fever.

Protekt - Protective Blend - The all around germ-killer

Protekt has a combination of 6 of the most highly rated anti-bacterial and anti-viral and immune supporting essential oils in aromatherapy. Diffuse it in your room to purify the air and kill any microbes, add a few drops in water sprayer and mist over sheets for bed bugs, add to aloe vera gel to sanitize hands or use a drop in a gargle if you feel something coming on. Also helpful in receiving pain and inflammation, simply dilute in a carrier oil and apply.

Don't be caught off guard without your travel essentials and make your trio more enjoyable with aromatherapy.

May your vacation be a memorable and joyous experience! :)



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